Thursday, October 12, 2006


This is one of the columns from the Old Supreme Court Building. I am always fascinated by old building's architecture especially those with big columns. The building looks ( and most likely is) strong.


Felicia said...

Great perspective and coloring. Is this B&W, sepia, I can't tell?

Jing said...

dangerous if i stand here?? looks that the building would fall down... :D

nice colour in the photo!!!
and i like those old buildings in Shanghai too. They are the eyewitness of the city's history...


have a nice weekend~~~

Gavin Hart said...

Good angle; old buildings are certainly nice subjects for photography.

Keropok Man said...

Reminds me of the story of Samson. Hope he is not pushing the columns down :-p

Curly said...

Good strong composition, it's different, but it works!

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