Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Birds are very common here, you can find them almost anywhere. The one in the picture is a crow(if Im not mistaken).


Piggy said...

so common that they are chased away by residents. these birds are very dirty. my former landlady in pasir ris hates it when these birds frequent her kitchen. :-p

santy said...

I'm just so amazed with the sand and water :) nice shot!

Keropok Man said...

and they are so noisy too! at times, they will be pecking at my office window! shoo shoo, go away.. :-)

Kris said...

i hope he looks to the left before crossing..simple nice shot, like it!

Jing said...

Kris,is this bird crossing the street??hahahah.... seems that I never saw any wild birds in Shanghai. ooo...yes, only sparrows.
I still remembered when I was a little girl, we lived in the small town.We could see many kinds of birds. And I was told that if you saw a crow in the morning,thats not good...the crow would bring bad luck to you...But now, the crow I never saw, bad luck still would come now and then.

back to the photo, so simple, so beautiful~~~


Anonymous said...

sorry dude.. this is not a crow.. it's a mynah... :)

nature lover