Monday, May 22, 2006

No wonder..

No wonder there is no flood in Singapore. Look at this canal, it is so huge, huge enough to fit a ten wheeler on it. This canal is parallel to Pasir Ris Drive 3. I tried looking for information about this canal but I can't find any on the web.


harbie said...

hey there! really nice pics! =) ang linis sa SING, pwedeng mahiga sa kalsada! hahaha! =P

hope you're doing well dyan. gewi misses you a lot, nangtatrash talk na sya as stress outlet! mweheheh! =P

take care!

geWi said...

l o l harbie. onga hahaha!

twistedzero said...

hi harbie! thanks sa pagbisita sa blog ko.

oo nga eh, napasin ko sa mga comments, puro trash talk! hehehe

peace pangs!

No. 78 said...

Do you get that much rain?

perle de rosée said...

These two picture here and in the message of the 21th May are somewhat similar, graphically I mean !