Sunday, May 21, 2006

Loyang Avenue

There are two reasons why I chose this picture. First is because I can show how clean Singapore is. You would not see a pile of garbage anywhere. And you can also see how much the Singaporean Government apreciates plants. Almost in all of the major highways here, you can see trees and plants.

Another reason is that this picture shows the road leading to Changi Village which I hope to show to you once I have the time ( and the money ) to go there.


rEeYuH said...

psstt... halur! just dropping by. nag advertise asawa mo eh. hehe musta? ayos, me ma-stay-an ako if punta ko singapore. haha

ingat! *be safe*

twistedzero said...

hehe sige, may bakante naman kaming isang room eh. :)

Kris said...

hi and welcome to daily photo!
yup, that road is practically shining :)