Monday, November 06, 2006

Clean and Green

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When I took this picture, one of the cleaners approached me and said that I should take picture of beautiful places and not this one. I told him that those places will not remain beautiful if not for them. Littering is beginning to be a problem for Singapore. I saw on TV that the Singapore government has announced their Clean & Green Campaign, and they are starting it in schools. They also tapped the help of students to address the problem with littering. Some students were sent to Orchard with leaflets and trash bins to discourage people to litter. If I were the government, I will also give rewards to the cleaners, because I think they are doing a very good job in keeping Singapore clean.


2 cents worth said...

hi raymond,
i am david patrick
new mexico,usa/singapore.
i really like all ur pics of singapore.
i have lived here with my malaysian wife since 1999. we have a small bed n breakfast in the west coast and do housing rentals/condos for expats working in singapore.
how long are you stationed here?
my maid is from ilocos norte, she is with me for 5,almost 6 years.
well, take care and keep coming up with nice pics.
david patrick

girlay said...

i've been to suntec and students are really helping the government by giving leaflets to shoppers outside the mall...

they should be honored by the government.

geWi said...

very well said pangs!

mike c said...

Is it correct that there are large fines for littering in singapore?

I love the colour of the earth in this photo... and I want one of those bicycles :)

twistedzero said...

@david, yes I am lived here in Singapore.

@girlay, I agree with you!

@mike, I believe that the fine is high, but some just dont get it.

@all, thanks for visiting my blog!
Thanks guys!

Meg Nakagawa said...

I'm not sure why but I really like this photo. Great colors, repetition of patters with a little variation... This is great.