Friday, November 10, 2006

Church of the Sacred Heart

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The Church of the Sacred Heart can also be found in Tank Road. You can notice that in the past 3 days, I posted buildings related to different cultures. I just want to show you the best thing I admire about this country, it is how different cultures co-exist in harmony. And I believe that someday, these cultures will merge, and will create something very "Uniquely Singapore"


Kua said...

happened to bump in your website for the first time. nice post-card pictures! Just wondering what camera do you use for all your photoshoot? And do you use a tripod? They look very clear!

pandit said...

Nice architecture of the church tower. Perfect lighting/angle and good capture.

twistedzero said...

I use a canon 30d. I always shoot with a tripod.

Thanks guys! Appreciate the comments!