Sunday, October 01, 2006

Uniquely Singapore (Daily Photo Theme Day)

One thing I like about Singapore are the taxi drivers. They are nice and very interesting. Most taxis in Singapore accept credit cards but drivers usually prefer cash. Our driver last night hates it when the fare is only 3SGD and his passenger wants to pay for it via his card. =)

Actually, this is not my first taxi post.

Today is Daily Photo Theme Day and the theme is Taxis. See taxis all over the world by clicking the links below.
1 (Porto, Portugal) -2 (Albuquerque, NM, USA) -3 (London, England) -4 (Seattle, WA, USA [Kim]) -5 (Edinburgh) -6 (Stayton, OR, USA) -7 (Greenville, SC, USA) -8 (Budapest, Hungary) -9 (Antigua, Guatemala) -10 (Alexandria, VA, USA) -11 (Manila, Philippines) -12 (Twin Cities, MN, USA) -13 (Szentes, Hungary) -14 (Paris, France) -15 (Portsmouth, England) -16 (Ryde, UK) -17 (Sydney, Australia) -18 (Oulu, Finland) -19 (Singapore [keropok]) -20 (Santiago, Chile) -21 (Melbourne, Australia) -22 (Dubai, UAE) -23 (Bandung, Indonesia) -24 (Copenhagen, Denmark) -25 (Sequim, WA, USA) -26 (Singapore [Raymond]) -27 (Tenerife, Spain) -28 (Sharon, CT, USA) -29 (Tuzla, B&H) -30 (Jakarta, Indonesia) -31 (Rotterdam, Netherlands) -32 (Brussels, Belgium) -33 (Stavanger, Norway) -34 (Aliso Viejo, CA, USA) -35 (Oshawa, ON, Canada) -36 (Vantaa, Finland) -37 (Trier, Germany) -38 (Newcastle upon Tyne, England) -39 (Hong Kong) -40 (Shanghai) -41 (Brussels, Belgium) -42 (San Diego, CA, USA) -43 (Sydney, Australia [Nathalie]) -44 (St Paul, MN, USA)


Zsolt72 said...

In Budapest its impossible to pay with credit card in taxi. This is still rather a cash only country though everybody has cards already. Great photo!

Keropok Man said...

Twisted, yeah. Comfort Taxis as well. If people visit the 3 Singapore sites, they will be able to see the front, the back and side of Comfort Taxis!

Ham said...

In London some taxis accept Credit Cards, but mostly there is a huge "service charge" so people don't think of paying like that.

Kris said...

ouch , my neck hurts! I agree Singaporean drivers are one of the friendliest :)

ps. i éike the p.o.v. you've taken.

John - Melbourne said...

exhilerating beyond words!

twistedzero said...

thanks guys.

@keropok, yep I noticed! I was hunting for the old london styled taxi, but I can't find one.

Jing said...

feel dizzy again...and I looked the other photo of the taxi...both great photos!
and in Shanghai, some taxis can be paid by credit cards already!
and, the taxi in Singaapore has great blue colour~~~
...hello from shanghai, Jing

Jazzy said...

the colors are great.
i suppose cash is the most convenient.

kaa said...

interesting angle of the taxi. traffic as usual..

Kate said...

Unusual angle.

Kim said...

Nice perspective. This is how I've felt in taxis sometimes. . .

Irredento Urbanita said...

I think it's an abuse to pay taxi with credit card. Taxi service is not so expensive, isn't it?
I like the colours of those taxis!!

Kim said...

Hey, for a minute I though Neorelix had moved to your city! The tilt-a-whirl school of photography is most often seen at his Cambridge Daily Photo site. ;^)

santy said...

I like s'pore taxis with their full advertisements :)

pandit said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Nathalie said...

Exhilarating beyond words, great find!!!

Sally said...

As i usually catch cabs for work, I always pay with "Cabcharge" - a credit card specifically for, and set up by taxi companies.

annulla said...

Great shot, loved the skewed perspective.

Anonymous said...

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