Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Speed Cleaning

I'll probably clean more often in our house if I had one of these. Saw this at the Orchard Road.I was tempted to ask Uncle if I could borrow and drive it myself, hehe.

Do you have something similar to this in your city? (i don't even know what they call it..a cleaning go cart? lol!)


Shelly said...

Nice shot! We have something like this only its much much larger with a cab.

Jing said...

lovely cleanning "machine"!and looks funny!
here the cleanning machine is bigger than this one...can see it in the early morning on the streets!!

pandit said...

Singapore is so neat and clean country. And I would love to visit again and again. When I lived in Singapore I used to watch machines cleaning the roads with water.
These battery operated machines are environmental friendly too.
--Raj SanFrancisco

Keropok Man said...

maybe when i retire next time, i shall work part time riding these machines around town. hehe...