Monday, October 09, 2006

Capitol Building

I found this building in North Bridge Road. Outside, you can see some food shops. I did not attempt to go inside, as I thought it is some sort of historical landmark. After some research, I learned that this is actually a shopping center. Cool!


Jing said...

Um..glamorous!!I think people like some ancient styles, whatever in constructions or in clothing.
I like the old styles too.

pandit said...

Perfect angle. For a while it looks like Hollywood movie set.
Nice capture.

Adi & Fadz said...

NIce shot!!recently i took some shots near e old capitol theater,classic pics..I onder wat e gov. are gona do to it..

Adi & Fadz said...

Nice color tones!Recently i was taking at e old classic capitol theater!I was wondering wat e gov. are gona do wit it..Check it out!