Friday, September 29, 2006

Funan IT Mall

There are two malls in Singapore where most techies go for shopping, The Sim Lim Center and Funan IT Mall. I prefer going to Funan, Sim Lim is just too crowded. And sometimes, the sales persons in Sim Lim are too pushy.

Here's a tip, if you are planning to buy a gadget in Singapore, be sure to research first, then short list your options. There are times, salesmen don't have enough patience if you ask too many models. And search for the cheapest price!

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Cory said...

That's where I bought my first Mac at the MacShop. ...and where I had it fixed when my 3 yr. old stuck a $1 coin in the cd drive. Amazingly no damage, and the tekkies at the MacShop got a good laugh and returned $1.30 to us in change.