Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Close Up


I'm sure some of you have already seen numerous pictures of the Esplanade, just wanted to show you guys how truly amazing it is up close.

From Wikipedia: The total cost of constructing the Esplanade is estimated at SGD 1 billion including the estimated land value and SGD 660 million for the building costs. It's Durian shaped (we have the Durian fruit too, back in Manila, it smells awful but a lot of people love the taste. personally, I don't get that. I mean, 75% of what we taste is actually due to our sense of smell, so, can it taste good? hehe! sorry to durian lovers!), and is Singapore's most iconic performing arts centre.


Jane said...

Wow Raymond! Never seen Esplanade's roof that close! Great shot!

Jane said...

You don't like green eggs and ham?

Durian is really GOOD! It tastes like ice cream. You should try it. The smell is pungent but its not true that its taste is relative to its smell. :) Acquired taste, as they say.The same way you develop your taste for wine, caviar, truffle and the REAL cheeses - the smellier the cheese the better it is.

Btw, Singapore got a milder variety, try it... try it... you'll see. and you will say,

I do, I do, I like durian!
Oh, well! dare na lang! hahahaha!

:P Have a nice day!

anne said...

Very cool photo today Raymond! I kinda agree with the durian issue...peace Jane :)

santy said...

haha! battle of durian, eh? I must admit that I like it. Although it's not so good for the health there, Jane :) well, that is if you're eating it everyday. once in a while won't hurt, I guess.

And Raymond, this is such a cool building! love the close up!

Chad Oneil said...

Very cool!