Thursday, July 27, 2006

HDB Nightshot


Here's a night shot of the neighborhood where I'm currently staying. It's my longest exposure yet, at 130 seconds.

Tomorrow, my wife is visiting me, so expect a lot of tourist-y shots. We'll be going to the usual places, Sentosa, Suntec City, Clark Quay, Jurong Birdpark, Singapore Zoo and some shopping in between (if our pockets can handle it). Stay Tuned!


santy said...

I love this shot!! It's beautiful. Great job, Raymond! Oh, and love Clark Quay as well :)

Lisi said...

great night shot!

edwin s said...

again, stunning! my regards to your wife. have a great time together. ;)

anne said...

Beautiful shot Raymond! Say high to Gewi for me :)