Friday, June 02, 2006


At first I planned to use the title "the X-Men is coming" but it is too late for that now. I haven't watch the movie mainly because I'm still thinking if Storm and the rest of the X-Mens deserve my SGD 10. I find it expensive. In Manila, movie costs between Php 100 (SGD 3) and Php 200. There is one theater in Manila that charges 300 pesos or approx. 10 Singapore dollar but it offers free bottomless drinks, unlimited pop corn and you will be sitting in a Lazy Boy. I wonder how much a movie costs in other country.


Charles said...

Bien sympa ici

Kathrine said...

In Denmark a ticket is SGD20!
- Kathrine

midnitebara said...

movie tickets cost 1.800 yen, about 16 u.s Dollars. Expensive ,huh. But my favorite movie theater has a ladies day, gentlemen's day, couples day and b-day day. You just pay 1.000 yen for those days. My husband and I usually watch the lfs because its cheaper too.

twistedzero said...

I heard about that, my former officemate is from Japan and she told me she usually watch movie on Wednesday or Thursday because it ladies day.

jane said...

you can watch a movie for $7.50SGD.. that's about the lowest ive seen so far.. but that's on a weekday.. =)

a movie once a month is ok.. just make sure you read reviews to get your money's worth.. ;)