Sunday, May 14, 2006

Wild Wild Wet!

Since Singapore is near the equator, you can expect that the temperature here is a bit hot. And the best way to cool down in this side of Singapore is Wild Wild Wet water theme park.

Well ok, it sounds like a commercial or brochure. The place looks very cool to me, but I haven't tried it. I'm still thinking whether it is worth to spend S$12.90 for it. It looks kinda small to me. Once I tried it, I'll post the pictures.

By the way, for those interested, it is located near Pasir Ris Station, few blocks away or you can take a bus or a cab. It is actually inside Downtown East, a recreational center here. For more information visit

1 comment:

Anne said...

Yeah it's quite hot in Singapore, much like here in Manila...and a dip in the swimming pool is a welcome experience!