Monday, May 29, 2006

Singapore Sale!

From May 26 to July 23 most of the shopping malls in Singapore offer BIG discounts. It is the Great Singapore Sale. As for me, I have yet to buy anything. I plan to visit the city this weekend, but still no shopping for me. Just want to see how many people are trying to take advantage of this sale.


midnitebara said...

hi ! Im glad that there is another pinoy on board. Welcome to the gang!

From a pinay expat in Japan.

midnitebara said...

now Im making the connection..forgive me if Im mistaken but you must be the "raymond " of gewi. hehehe!
tsismosa me no! I know her blog too,eh!

geWi said...

lol@midnitebara. hahaha!

yes, raymond is my hubby... iniwan nya ko sa pinas huhuhu!

joke lng pangs :)

twistedzero said...

ako nga yung tinaboy eh! hehehe

hi midnitebara. ayan may 3 pinoy na kilala ko sa dailyphoto. si anne ng manila daily photo yung isa. Photographer namin sa kasal yung husband nya.