Sunday, May 28, 2006

Pinoy ako...

The title means I'm a Filipino, and yes this is singapore daily photo. Confused? Actually, I'm a Filipino working in Singapore, that is why I only know little about this country and I'm blogging while exploring this country. I mentioned this since the picture shows a kid dancing the Pinoy Big Brother dance step. Pinoy Big Brother was a hit tv show in Manila patterned on Big Brother show from europe. When I was in Manila, I did not really like the song neither the band who sang it (Orange & Lemons). But wow, there is a Filipino concert here in singapore, and the crowd (mostly Filipinos but there are some Indians & Chinese) is enjoying it. The concert was held in Marine Cove inside East Coast Park.

Many thanks to heartrock, yes heartrock singapore (not hard rock ) for sponsoring this concert. Galing mo pre!

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