Monday, May 08, 2006

a lion that is not lion, and a fish that is not a fish

It is the Merlion, probably the most known symbol of Singapore.
They say this is a must do for a tourist in Singapore to visit the Merlion, although when my wife went to singapore last February, she was not able to visit Merlion Park. It was based on a legend that a Sumatran prince encountered a lion - considered a good omen - on Temasek, prompting him to find Singapura, or Lion City. It mattered little that lions had never inhabited Singapore (more likely the prince had seen a tiger). I wish I could tell you exactly how to get to Merlion Park, but you might get lost as we almost did yesterday. I suggest you take a cab.

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dutchie said...

Hi there, after having just updated all new dp links i came across Singapore too! Welcome from Rotterdam in the Netherlands, looking forward to your pictures!

Edwin Sumun said...

Finally, Singapore has joined the DP family! Welcome! Can't wait to see your views of a city that I visit quite a bit. Coming down in two weeks actually.

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twistedzero said...

But I'm also new in Singapore. I'm actually exploring at the same time blogging about the city. Thanks!

Liz & Mike said...

I love this part of Singapore. I live in Dallas and publish the Dallas Daily blog but I work for Singapore Telecom so I make it over there quite often. Welcome and keep up the good work.