Wednesday, May 03, 2006

By the beach

I took this picture inside the Singapore Sea Sport Center (yesterday's picture), about 15 mins walk from where I am staying right now, Marine Parade. I haven't tried swimming in the beach but it makes me miss Panglao Island in Bohol Philippines. By the way, I'm a Filipino. But unlike the beaches in Bohol, here you see a lot of ships near the beach since Singapore ports are one of (if not) the busiest ports in Asia.


Louise said...

Welcome to daily photo! I am enjoying your photos. I don't tend to think of Singapore as being a place with beaches- so it is nice to see the 'non-tourist' side of the country. I look forward to seeing more.

twistedzero said...

Thank you! But actually, im also new here in singapore, 2 weeks to be exact.